Architect Show Co. Ltd.

“House of Slow Life” is located in the city of Kurume land rich nature. Owner wanted to live healthily in nature. Those in planning, was the basis of the concept of this house was to create ties with the residents around the house with people who live in the house. When providing a dance studio in the basement, the floor was the kitchen floor and skip to consider the construction costs.






This modern house is completely different from the surrounding buildings and landscape, will be the epicenter of a new life style by the district. I will be the ones to give hope and dreams to the people who wants to build a house and now people living in the city center.

Location: Kurume, Fukuoka, Japan
Architect: Architect Show Co.,Ltd.  | Masahiko Sato
Project name: House of slow life
District: Kyushu
Use: Residence
Site area: 518.74
Bldg. Area: 135.53
Gross Floor Area: 204.91
BLDG. Coverage:
Ratio: 26.13 %
Gross Floor Ratio: 32.40
Bldg. scale: 2 ground floor 1-storey basement
Structure: Mixed structure(reinforced concrete construction+Wooden)
Max. Height: 8.909 m
Parking Lot: Two cars
Exterior Finish: Siding board,wood
Complete year: May,2012
Client: Mr.Kakimoto
Photos: Toshihisa Ishii