Consult a Garden Designer and Make Your Outside Look More Comfortable

Amir Schlezinger is a garden designer. He prefers working with natural materials, particularly stone. Being able to create something contemporary out of a piece of material that sat within the planet’s crust for many millennia is so rewarding. Te always tries new combinations as the material available is vast from both the UK and the continent, India, China, Brazil, etc. Slate with sandstone, limestone with granite, variations in finishes sizes and thicknesses – it’s a never-ending exploration for articulating a space. Amir Schlezinger has contributed to numerous magazines and books on garden design worldwide. Having grown in the Mediterranean region his knowledge and understanding of both European and Tropical flora has contributed to a style of planting which combines sculptural and architectural plants with northern European traditions. He has designed and realized over 200 projects since, cultivating a particular interest in roof gardens and terraces.