Quirky Spaceship as Game Studio Office by Ezzo Design

The collaboration between Ezzo Design and Game Studio 2o led to the development of an unconventional office space in the friendly city of Timisoara, Romania: “As soon as a client asks us for an innovative project, with beautiful use of materials, unique approach, no classic lines, incorporation of nature in design, we are intrigued. Thus, our result is a scientific basis, or more likely a spaceship invaded by nature, the main character being a Huge Dark Fungus. The same idea is highlighted with the natural plants bursting out of pipes and the shattered ceilings“, explained Ștefan Lazăr of Ezzo Design.

This spaceship has been implemented with solutions to gain more space – add height, implement a relaxation zone – that would probably never have been used in a new structure. Creative ideas that do not really follow any known rules of style, yet produce a unique, cool style of their own. The optimal use of sunlight and other natural resources, the selection of nature inspired features and natural plants that require minimal maintenance or watering, are all part of the owners’ quest for a sustainable office design.






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