The Bay project

The Bay Garden is located at Qingpu district, Shanghai. The site was once used as a fishpond of nearly 45 hectares, with an ideal ecological environment. In the breeding season, a large number of water birds perched there. Our parcel is situated at the Island B, with altogether 20 houses of five types. The building areas aboveground vary from 514 sq. meters to 1022 sq. meters.

In our design, we try to bring together the architecture and the context. The latter is both natural and cultural — the water is a key element of the natural and the architectural tradition of the south is the prominent feature in the cultural.

Meanwhile, the contemporary lifestyle and construction condition determine that the architecture will not be a mere repetition of the tradition.
Thus, the design was developed with a set of keywords: disperse, courtyard, and garden.

Exterior Perspective

Inner courtyard

Living Space

Study Room