When Free Movement and Harmony Collide: Pool Family Home in Israel

This modern residence located in Israel and designed by Luciano Santandreu for a young family with 3 kids grabs attention quickly and promises a unique experience. Considering that the plot is quite reduced, the architect has balanced the outdoor and indoor spaces for a harmonious effect and privacy, allowing free movement. One important aspect when designing the house was dedicated to the dining and living room, which communicate with the pool area and outdoors terrace. The pool extended near the border of the plot has a roof featuring several rectangular openings that let the sun go through and spread a beautiful natural light.

Communal spaces are created by the open kitchen, dining and living room and also the glass doors. In addition, to ensure comfort and relaxation, the space between the pool and terrace is filled with lounge chairs. The wood zen-like bed functions more as a deck for the pond, featuring concrete steps that lead to the bedroom that can be reached through glass windows. The living area is open, naturally lightened, placed in a U shape with a large sofa. The kitchen is also U-shaped with contemporary and glossy furniture, featuring wood function tops. All the bedrooms have minimalistic decoration and furniture. An interesting aspect that gives personality to this house is the bathroom door that simulates the fa├žade of the wardrobe, as well as the pond and the podium bed placed outdoors, creating a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.