Fresh and Exotic Contemporary Villa Design

This gorgeous waterfront villa is located in Cape Yamu, eastern coast of Phuket, Thailand’s largest island and it is great example of exotic contemporary villa design.

If you ever wondered how to make your home fresh, take a look. First thing that I find interesting in this villa design is how everything is arranged on the property. By looking down from the rooftop, it is obvious that there’s no typical house-backyard relationship. The house has multiple wings and empty space between them is filled with terraces and swimming pools and walkways. Which is great because, on the first sight, you have no idea where house begins and where ends.
Another great “detail” is this modern swimming pool. Even though terrain is slanted, architects pulled out flat surface and created beautiful infinity edge swimming pool. Interior design is yet another story. Combination of contemporary design and bright colors, designers created romantic exotic atmosphere all over the house and fulfilled it with floor-to-ceiling windows and glass walls, offering gorgeous ocean views. But that is just one of the advantages of this location.

The main point is this exotic interior design with white walls and furniture, glass walls, wooden ceilings and tall curtains, connected with smaller and larger terraces and outdoor living space. It’s something everyone could have at home.










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