Vivienda La Florida / Otto Medem de la Torriente

The Florida’s housing is one of the most representative project in our office.At the project’s beginnings we saw that one of the most important determinant thing, it was its own situation.

The lot was really close to the A6 highway, a very important road in Madrid, so the constant noise it was very uncomfortable in spite of the location: a quiet place with lots of vegetation.So the orientation was a basic factor from the first design.

The house’s project, the plants and the building’s shape had continuous changes to obtain nowadays one. It had to adjust to the customer’s needs.The rooms were distributed in three levels. The ground floor and the upper floor were oriented to the garden, but the basement was semi-buried, so we designed 3 courtyards to get the light in this side of the house.The final result was really satisfying, both for the customer and our office.





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